augmented music reality

Songfever is a public interface for your iTunes library. It aims to combine the comfort of a digital music library with the visual and tangible quality that we once had with physical media.

An intuitive interaction concept makes scrolling through your music library an immersive experience. Flipping a cover around gives you the tracklist. The click wheel as the only input device lets you select an album, play and pause a track and adjust the volume.


A webcam is used to track the position of our real world covers. Theses positions are then used to create a 3D-Scene with OpenGL, which in turn gets projected back onto the covers. This allows you to manipulate tangible objects to control your music library. We used the ARToolKitPlus library to track special markers on the top of each of our covers.

The scroll wheel that is attached to the shelf, is linked with an Arduino Microcontroller and connected to a MacBook via USB. Our software receives all input from the scroll wheel and connects directly to iTunes to retrieve all cover art and control the music playback.


We are students for “Digital Media” at the Hochschule Darmstadt. Songfever was developed in the 4th semester during our “Media Project 4” course in summer 2009.

Our team members are Mathias Feil, Christian Fox, Sebastian Gerhard, Dennis Praschak & Dominic Szablewski.

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