Klangpong is an approach to sensocial gaming. It engages blind and seeing people to communicate and play together.



Klangpong is an audible interpretation of the arcade classic “Pong”. It extends the gaming experience by enabling gaming between seeing and blind people by providing audible feedback of the game elements. The game and the menu interface do not dependend on its graphical representation and can thus be enjoyed in its an entirety with just a pair of headphones and a WiiMote.





We are students for “Digital Media” at the Hochschule Darmstadt.

Klangpong was developed in the 2nd semester during our interface design course curated by Joerg Waldschuetz and Oliver Schneider.

Our team members are Alex Ewald, Johannes Freund, Sebastian Gerhard & Dominic Szablewski.

klangpong screenshot 2


Klangpong was built with Processing 0135 Beta. You can download the complete sourcecode and all additional libraries needed to run the game in the following ZIP file. The game was tested on Windows an MacOSX, but it should also run on Linux. Please refer to the included readme.txt for more information.

Klangpong Sourcecode (ZIP) ~ 12mb



The Klangpong Documentation describes the concept and developement process and the final technical implementation of the game.

Klangpong Documentation (PDF) ~ 633kb



Do you have questions on Klangpong? Send us an email at Send us an email